All about shower hose adapter


Cleaned hardened steel through shower hose adapter takes care of the issue of having a shower hose through the shower that endlessly pulls out.

Inevitably, these hoses should be supplanted and observing retail can be an issue.

This connector squeezes into your shower opening as of now and permits you to join a standard shower hose to each end and prevent water from spilling through the opening when you clean up.


There is a compelling reason to take out the handyman to supplant a hose under the shower or to spill water through the opening in the shower edge where the hose comes in and out.

Made of marine-grade hardened steel, its effortlessness makes it simple to fit and change shower hoses from now on.



  • Simple to fit
  • Marine-grade hardened steel
  • Provided with 9ml clear silicone sealant and liquor wipe to seal in the adapter to shower
  • Standard ½ inch BSP fittings at the two closures so standard shower hoses will fit without any problem
  • Accompanies washers
  • Basically use sealant then, at that point, fix into spot and pass on to set
  • Forestalls spills through the opening in the shower
  • Fits openings in the shower up to 30mm
  • Doesn’t accompany hoses as we supply these independently
  • Associates the through the shower hose to the showerhead
  • Associates with the shower valve under the shower
  • Not any more changing the costly hose and calling a handyman
  • Shower hose adapter

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